Friday, January 18, 2008

Build ur own city...

Well, well...After a long time playing with my di...workin' hard in my professional and personal development, I'm back again!! I don't have much material ready to be publicated (No bullshit of material is ready), but I'll try to recover the lost time.

Today, I bring you the oppotunity of create your own city. Yes, yes, you did read it right.

It's a dummy (I don´t know the translation of Gilipollas to english, but sure you know the meanign of take your dick and blow on it, that's it!)
If ou send the URL of your city to your contacts, then you'll lose the time, and others will lose it too, and that's always a good thing!

I've created a new village, and gave a name to it while I was thinking about all my blog readers.
Here you have the link:

HijoPuta Land

Each time a visitor enter to the city (its page), with a maximum of once by person and day, the city wil grow up. So I invite to all you,that come to visit my fucking city. We will see where it can arrive.